Plague Inc.

Plague Inc.

With Plague Inc., players have plenty to keep them occupied for hours. The formula may be simple, but it remains exciting. Many viruses can be created and fans of strategy games will have enough to brainstorm. A true reference of the genre.

Contaminate the world

Released for the very first time in May 2012, Plague Inc. has won acclaim with its addictive concept of spreading a virus around the world. For this, the player must create the virus from scratch and evolve it over the progression so that it can become more and more deadly.

Thus, the designed pathogen must begin its lethal crusade by infecting a patient zero. It is a puzzle game since it is necessary to infect countries in an intelligent way to avoid that humans quickly find a vaccine. To counter the initiatives taken by researchers, we must mutate the virus and above all make it devilishly deadly over time.

A real strategy game

Whether in its gameplay or even in its interface, Plague Inc. is a real strategy game. The player follows the contamination from the world map which turns red when the countries are more and more infected. This card is, so to speak, the main playing area. But other screens must be taken into account.Plague Inc. Android

Indeed, an area reserved for the evolution of the virus is also involved. It is here that the player can select new symptoms but also the way in which the virus is transmitted to the population. It is therefore essential to manage all of these parameters effectively, because if humanity finds a cure, it is the game over outright. The first strategy to adopt is to choose the first country that will be affected. For example, the climate is taken into account for the effectiveness of the disease.

A simple but effective concept

What makes Plague Inc strong is its addictive recipe. If the handling is easy to grasp thanks to the clear menus and the tactile functions perfectly integrated in this Android version, the game remains very demanding all the same. It forces the player to quickly integrate a multitude of information to manage to contaminate the world population. One error and the game can be lost.

Plague Inc is therefore an excellent strategy game that you can download for free. It is rather well optimized and runs on many smartphones or tablets without any slowdown. Lovers of the genre should largely find their account.