PlaceFace changes your profile photos on Foursquare!

PlaceFace changes your profile photos on Foursquare!

The PlaceFace web application allows you to change your profile photo on the Foursquare social network depending on where you are!

Foursquare users? This is a new service that may well entertain people who follow you via the geolocation-based social network. PlaceFace is the name of this new service – or rather of this web application – which will allow you to change your profile photo Foursquare depending on the different places where you make your check-ins.

To be able to use it, nothing could be simpler: you just need to log into your Foursquare account from this web application. As soon as this is done, PlaceFace will offer you to indicate the URLs of your photos displayed as a profile photo depending on where you are (office, restaurant, school, night club, foreign vacation, etc.) . It goes without saying that for maximum impact with your contacts, you will still have to spend your time making a shooting photos that best reflect your expressions – fun, preferably! – in different situations. Enough to make your activities on the social network, which today has more than 10 million users, even more lively worldwide.

PlaceFace website.

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