pixel 5a google photos volées

Pixel 5a: stolen photos reveal Google’s next smartphone

The Pixel 5a, Google’s next mid-range smartphone, is revealed in a series of stolen photos that have appeared on the web. The phone would be distinguished from previous generations by the presence of a fingerprint reader and a camera for selfies under the screen. Google would therefore ignore the perforated screen of the Pixel 4a.

pixel 5a google stolen photos

After the Pixel 3a and the Pixel 4a, Google is logically working on the Pixel 5a. Mid-range oriented, the smartphone is not expected for several months. At the earliest, the Mountain View firm could unveil its new production in the course of May 2021, during a hypothetical Google i / O conference. For now, it is still only conjecture.

Regardless, stolen photos purported to show the Pixel 5a have been posted on SlahLeaks, a platform for internet users to share leaks. We obviously invite you to take the pictures with hindsight. It is impossible to say with certainty that it is indeed a terminal designed by Google.

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Photo sensor and fingerprint reader under the screen?

First of all, it will be noted that the smartphone is not topped with a notch or marked by a hole in the screen. Everything suggests that Google has decided to slide the front camera under the screen or in a retractable mechanism. There is nothing to detect the presence of a retractable drawer. It is therefore not impossible that the brand is based on camera technology under the screen, mirroring ZTE and its Axon 20 5G. We will still be surprised that Google is inaugurating this technology on a mid-range terminal.

One of the stolen photos reveals the presence ofa fingerprint reader hidden under the touch screen. It would be the first time that Google has not bet on a traditional fingerprint sensor on the back. Again, this is rather surprising given the positioning of the smartphone. We imagine that this feature should be found on the future and hypothetical Pixel 6. We tell you more as soon as possible about future Pixels. While waiting for more information, feel free to give your opinion in the comments below.

pixel 5a stolen photos