Pixel 5: annoying bug increases sound volume, Google deploys corrective patch

An annoying new bug has been spotted on the Pixel 5, which this time attacks the smartphone’s speakers. Several users have reported that their device plays sound at an abnormally high volume, even when it is set to its lowest. Google has announced a patch to fix the problem and other minor bugs.

Google pixel 5

Google’s January updates couldn’t have come at a better time. Pixel 5 users are indeed facing a new bug of the most handicapping : the speakers of their smartphone refuse to lower the volume to a decent level and, on the contrary, broadcast much louder sound as desired. The bug particularly affects notification alerts or even screenshot.

This is what owners of the phone report on the dedicated forum as well as on Reddit. “I can’t find a way to change the volume of system sounds, like the switch app button, the Facebook reaction panel, etc. These are therefore very loud, even when the volume settings are at minimum ”, can we read on one of the posts.

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Google is deploying a patch to correct the problem

The bug seems to be present since the release of the smartphone last October, if we refer to the date of publication of the posts on the forum. Google has been silent until now, before announcing that the problem is settled in with its January update. As a reminder, the launch of the Pixel 5 has already been accompanied by several reports of a large screen defect on the brand new phone.

Google assures that its update includes “Further adjustments and improvements to speaker volume” as well as a “Fixed issue causing speaker noise in some scenarios”. Some users have reported that the volume of system sounds actually decreased after installing the patch. However, some say that the latter is now too low.

Update is available from today on all Pixel smartphones running Android 11. It improves the automatic brightness adjustment and screen rotation, according to Google. It also corrects other bugs such as the unexpected restart of applications and the inability to make calls on certain networks.