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Pixel 5 and 4: a bug brings the interface of Google Assistant back to the Stone Age

Numerous feedback from Pixel 5, 4a 5G, 4a and Pixel 4 users report a strange bug in the Google Assistant interface that reverts for no apparent reason to much earlier versions. The problem, probably linked to a bug on Google’s servers, seems to be being resolved.

Google Pixel 4a
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It is easily forgotten, but Google Assistant interface on Android smartphones has changed a lot since the assistant’s launch in May 2016. To essentially become much more discreet and compact in its latest iterations, so that the visual presentation of the assistant reflects their ability to understand the context – the application, page or service you are viewing when you invoke Google Assistant.

The latest version available on the Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 is super compact on the bottom of the device, with a transparent effect. Now for a few hours, users of the latest Pixel smartphones encounter a strange bug which causes the display of older versions of the Google Assistant interface. To realize this, you have to either swipe from the corner of the screen or invoke “hey Google”.

If you are affected by the problem, you will then see the answers displayed in full screen. And that’s not all: nothing more happens on the smartphone from the point of view of recognition, suddenly the commands are slower to be understood and take longer to produce results. Exit also the continuous conversation which allows you to give several orders to Google Assistant. 9to5Google notices that on affected devices, the Continuing Conversation page no longer shows smartphones in the device list.

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While other Chromecast and speakers are well listed. Everything indicates that the concern comes from Google’s servers and not a real problem on the affected devices. For the time being there is no solution if not to take your troubles patiently. You can also try to change the language if you master another, such as English or Spanish, in some cases to fall back on a more modern interface.

Source: 9to5Google