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Pixel 3: Google makes fun of the iPhone XS camera

Google makes fun ofApple ! Marvin Chow, Google’s vice president of marketing, has in fact humiliated theiPhone XS comparing it with that of Pixel 3. The individual has split a controversial tweet, in which he compares the Google phone with a sober “Phone X”. A name that is reminiscent of the apple phone… On the publication, the photo of the iPhone is bland and without relief. That of the Pixel 3, on the other hand, is lively and colorful. War is declared !

google pixel 3 iphone xs 1024x507 - Pixel 3: Google makes fun of the camera of the iPhone XS

The tweet obviously sparked controversy. In response, Apple fans fans those of smartphones Android fans shot each other with red balls. ” The image ‘taken’ by the Pixel 3 is totally fake! Writes a surfer. Exacerbated by this criticism, an opponent retorts: So you prefer to have no image? At least, Night Shift shows you a usable photo! ” In any case, the tweet has certainly not done any good for the iPhone XS, which is suffering because of its still very high price (€ 1,155 in France).

As for the Pixel 3, it has been available in France since November 2. Its price is set at € 859 on the Google Store site. Its big brother, the Pixel 3 XL, is available from € 959. A price difference that could tip the scales…