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Piracy down by a third thanks to Google?

The economic daily Les Échos published an article entitled: "Google changes its algorithm and piracy plunges". This observation is that drawn up by Pascal Nègre and Marc Guez with their caps of president and general manager of the SCPP. The Civil Society of Phonographic Producers is a French company which manages the rights of producers for the distribution of music.

Google-new-logo-possibleGoogle had already modified its search algorithm in 2012 and then a second time in October 2014 with the aim of penalizing the ranking of the most known pirate sites, namely those which are the subject of numerous requests for removal for copyright infringement. .

According to representatives of SCPP, the number of hackers has dropped by a third after this modification in October, and for Marc Guez this means that with this " simple gesture from Google ", the " piracy has dropped by a third "The drop in attendance would then have stabilized at around 25%.

These figures are presented as those of the IFPI (International Federation of Phonographic Industries). They are amazing because the closure of The Pirate Bay, for example, showed that it had almost no impact on piracy levels.

It will be remembered in any case that a year ago (in January 2014), the IFPI had sent Google its 100 millionth request for dereferencing of links. At the time, she regretted that the modification of the algorithm in 2012 had not made it possible to downgrade significantly in the search results the sites with a high volume of requests for deletion.

To believe that the algorithm modification last October was more effective at this level … In 2014, the representatives of rights holders asked Google to remove the referencing of more than 345 million pirated links.