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Pinterest on Android is a success! A fluid, intuitive and simple to use everyday application to find good ideas in pictures, communicate with the whole world around areas of interest and discover new initiatives. A social network whose adage is simple and effective: “a picture is worth a thousand words”! To (re) discover without waiting!

Pinterest? For whom and for what?

PinterestLaunched since 2010, Pinterest has become in turn a website then a mobile Android and iOS application allowing its users to share photo albums, useful links and tutorials around various passions and interests, all in pictures. There are thus many trends such as DIY, sport, gardening, DIY, well-being or even decoration.

A flow of images and good ideas

After having informed their centers of interest, the user can consult the flow of images in the reception and pin their favorite photos. He can also subscribe to other members, to image streams and create his own tables. These group good ideas and pins by category in public or in private.

Special mention to the powerful and efficient search engine to suggest alternative searches, community members or tables. Pinterest is also distinguished by its function allowing to put aside the pins being tested like recipes of cooking, manufactured objects or tested products.

A neat interface

In terms of ergonomics, this Android version of Pinterest is intuitive, easy to use in everyday life and in French.