Ping, Apple's social network, has closed

Ping, Apple's social network, has closed

In 2010, Apple presented a new social network by the name of Ping. Revolutionary, it had exceeded one million registrations in just 24 hours. Unfortunately, the success will not follow since it will be quickly deserted by the users, in particular because of the lack of Facebook integration.

It was in September 2010, during an eventful keynote that Apple had presented for the very first time Ping, the social network of the American firm, supposed to compete with MySpace. The objective for the American brand was twofold: to develop its Web services and to surf on the success of social networks. Paradoxically, the maker of computers, smartphones and tablets will lose from this bet.

If Ping had started rather well, with 1 million registrations in just 24 hours, the social network did not have the expected success. Based almost entirely on iTunes, Ping not only had difficulty identifying as a full-fledged social network but also suffered from huge competition in the sector. Then, it must be said, the idea of ​​combining social media and music had probably not been very well exploited by Cupertino.

However, everything foreshadowed Ping's success. On the one hand because the social network was linked to a platform that was already working very well – iTunes – and on the other hand, because music would then come back in force with the rise of Spotify and Deezer, which will follow after the launch of Ping. The lack of truly revolutionary functionality, integration of other social networks and simplified access will ultimately have killed this ambitious project in the bud.

On September 30, Ping died after just two years of existence.

He will remain one of the few failures of the apple brand and Steve Jobs.

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