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Pilot a drone 4,800 km away with an iPhone

Pilot a drone 4,800 km away with an iPhone

American researchers have developed an application that allows you to fly a remote drone with an iPhone.

Flying a drone (type A.R. Drone) from your iPhone and this, thousands of kilometers away is all possible! This is the feat achieved by engineers from Boeing and researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who succeeded in developing an iOS application capable of controlling the spacecraft using a simple Internet connection.

To carry out this experiment, an engineer from Boeing Seattle connected to the drone while the machine was on the other side of America, on a baseball field on the campus of MIT Cambridge (Massachusetts). To steer the craft, the engineer relied on live video streaming on the screen of his iPhone (which moreover strongly resembles an iPod touch in video) thanks to the cameras installed on the drone. So all he had to do was pilot the drone by making movements on the touch screen of his iDevice.

Finally, if we can salute the interesting feat achieved by these researchers, the fact remains that this experience remains slightly disturbing. Indeed, by allowing this type of use a drone, it could suggest malicious ideas of malicious people …

We discuss it on the forum.

(Source: Tuaw )

Demonstration video: