Photograph the lunar clip? Here's how it works with a smartphone

Photograph the lunar clip? Here's how it works with a smartphone

Such a lunar clipping exists only every hundred years (approximately). Today, many eyes and cameras are likely to turn to the sky late in the evening to watch the shadow of the Earth cover the moon and plunge the moon into the red light. In addition to the blood-colored moon, Mars will be able to be seen. You can also use the smartphone to take pictures of the lunar clip!

The lunar clip of the century is approaching. Around 22 hours, the shadow of the earth slowly recovered the moon for 1h40. The transition phases will be perfect for making spectacular images. Around 22:30, you can observe the ISS International Space Station in the sky, 23 pm March! Such a lunar clip is rare. The next will take place on June 9, 2123!

In order to better see the lunar clipping, you need a clear view to the southeast, where the moon is rising tonight. It is better to follow the show in the darkest possible area. Avoid in very bright places.

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The moon is a perfect subject for photography lovers! Steffen Herget

If you only want to capture the moon, you have the best chance of getting a good picture with a long focal lens. But first, it is always useful to have an eye on the scene in its entirety. You can then edit your photos.

If the lenses of smartphone cameras can capture enough light during the day, they simply do not get enough photons overnight. However, there are a number of techniques for taking a clear picture in low light conditions, although each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. You have the best chance to take beautiful pictures of the lunar clip, if you read our guide to make your photos in the dark.

Are you going to look at the lunar clip of the century? If so, share your impressions and photos with us on the forum!

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