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Photo & Video: iPhone XR and Pixel 3 tied (DxOMark)

DxOMark, the photo and video test specialist has just delivered its analysis of the latest smartphone from Google. Result: the Pixel 3 from the Mountain View firm has the same overall score as theiPhone XR, namely 101 points.

Compared to the iPhone XR, DxOMark indicates that the Pixel 3 is more gifted for the bokeh effect and the zoom. In addition, Google’s autofocus is very fast, the flash is effective, the exposure is generally accurate, the artifacts are negligible, and the preservation of details is very good under most conditions. ” Ultimately, it’s a very versatile camera that people can use with confidence without manual adjustment. “, Specifies DxOMark.

dxomark pixel 3 google 1024x506 - Photo & Video: iPhone XR and Pixel 3 tied (DxOMark)

Compared to the Pixel 2, the newborn from Google has a much better portrait mode and zoom. Note that these two points are still late compared to smartphones with multiple objectives. To make the comparison, DxOMark did not take into account the amazing night mode of the Pixel 3, because the tests are carried out with the default settings.

Note that two-sensor or three-sensor terminals dominate the top 10 smartphones of 2018. The Huawei P20 P takes first place with 109 points, ahead of the iPhone XS Max and the HTC U12 +.