Phone and PC, Microsoft’s two-in-one in Windows 10?

Phone and PC, Microsoft's two-in-one in Windows 10?

Image 1: Phone and PC, Microsoft's two-in-one in Windows 10?A Communicator under Windows 10…

Not happy to have put its mark on the Lumia of Nokia, Microsoft could try to enter the telephony market again with a hybrid smartphone, both phone and computer.

An idea reported by the site which explains that a “Hybrid cell phone / PC that may appeal to business customers is under development” in Redmond. A very simplistic rumor, but in line with Microsoft’s new policy and therefore its next Windows 10.

Next evolution of its operating system, it will be aimed at computers as well as tablets and mobile phones. A single OS for all and also a single application store, against two currently. These are just two theories so far. Microsoft will hold a conference tonight, enough to check them out.

Nothing more is known about this phone / computer. It could look like a model of Surface, a modern Communicator or even a Transformer Book V, the 3-in-1 from Asus.