Phishing: watch out for fake pop-ups on iPhone and iPad!

phishing apple iphone pop up - Phishing : attention aux faux pop-ups sur iPhone et iPad !

To obtain the user ID and password, hackers often use the phishing. As a reminder, this phishing technique consists in making a victim believe that they are browsing on a trusted site (like that of their bank, for example), in order to recover their personal data thanks to a false form.

For the particular case of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, hackers can now pop up on the screens of these devices pop-ups identical to those of Apple, and thus steal users’ iCloud passwords for example .

phishing apple iphone pop up - Phishing: watch out for fake pop-ups on iPhone and iPad!On his website, Felix Krause recently warned the owners of iDevices about possible phishing attempts. With screenshots, the developer has shown that it is almost impossible to distinguish an Apple pop-up from a fake window displayed by a hacker. On Apple devices, this type of window is based on UIAlertController. Hackers only have to modify a few lines of code to set up their cheating.

How to recognize a phishing pop-up? If you have any doubts about the appearance of a pop-up window, just press the Home button. If it remains, it is because it comes from Apple services. Since it disappears, it was then a phishing window.