Philips Hue sale: pack of 3 connected ambient lamps at a very good price

Bring a colorful light atmosphere to your rooms with this Philips Hue pack. Composed of two Hue Play light bars and a Philips Hue Go portable lamp, it is offered at a very good price during the winter sales.

Philips Hue packs: 3 ambiance lamps

These connected bulbs offer you endless possibilities to create a very varied laminating atmosphere. With 16 million colors and different light effects to choose from, customize the play of light and vary the styles according to the circumstances. The pack currently on sale as part of the Fnac and Darty sales is composed of 2 Philips Hue Play light bars and a Philips Hue Go lamp.

All three have smart bulbs capable of adapting to the effects of films, video games or even music for a unique light experience around you. Hue Play Bars can be installed behind your TV to project the lighting effects onto the wall. They can just as easily be placed on the floor, on a cupboard or on any other piece of furniture.

The Philips Hue Go lamp is designed to be portable. She accompanies you anywhere to create the perfect atmosphere. It works stand-alone and can also integrate your smart light system with the Hue Bridge (sold separately).

For the 2021 winter sales, Darty is offering the pack for only € 140 instead of € 210. You save 50 € which corresponds to 33% reduction. Another good Philips Hue plan is also available at the moment at Fnac. Two bulbs and a smart plug for a fraction of the usual price.