Phil Schiller - développement du premier iPad

Phil Schiller talks about the development of the first iPad

In a retrospective on technology for the past decade, The New York Times shared a new interview with Apple’s marketing director Phil Schiller, who talks about the first iPad.

Phil Schiller - development of the first iPadSteve Jobs and the first iPad in 2010

Schiller says the iPad was designed when Apple first started thinking about a computer device that could be sold for less than $ 500. Steve Jobs, then CEO of Apple, said that in order to reach this price, things had to be cut "aggressively".

Apple then decided to immediately stop designing the shell and keyboard, prompting the “iPad” team to work on multitouch technology, which debuted with the iPhone in 2007. During this process, a designer The graphical interface, Bas Ording, made a demo in which he pretended to scroll and the whole screen moved from top to bottom with realistic physics, a really incredible moment according to Phil Schiller.

Apple later put the iPad project aside to focus on the iPhone, but once the second-generation iPhone launched, the company returned to work on the design of the tablet. Schiller says it was "easy to imagine" what had to be removed from "the iPhone" to create "the iPad".

The New York Times article on the iPad also includes a brief interview with Walt Mossberg, a former tech editor for The Wall Street Journal, who worked closely with Jobs. Steve invited Mossberg to his house to show him the new “iPad” before its launch.

Mossberg says he was struck by the subtlety of the "iPad", and Jobs "took care" to show that "it was not just a big iPhone". When Jobs asked Mossberg to guess the sale price, Mossberg quoted a price of $ 999, but the price was $ 499, or half.

Since the launch of the iPad in 2010, Apple has released several versions on an annual basis. In 2019, the range has grown considerably to include several versions diversified in price and design. There's the 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro Pro, the mid-range 10.5-inch iPad Air, the 7.9-inch iPad mini 5, and the 10.2-inch septic iPad Low cost generation.