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Peugeot joins forces with IBM to develop its connected vehicles

Peugeot joins forces with IBM to develop its connected vehicles

In order for cars to one day become autonomous, they will have to make progress in various fields, and in particular in that of collecting information enabling them to be located on the road and in relation to other traffic vehicles.

IBM logoWe are seeing the arrival on serial vehicles of more and more sensors and other driver assistance modules that constantly study driver habits and traffic.

Tomorrow, to go further, it will be necessary to successfully channel this information and try to exploit it to the maximum to offer a set of services to users: weather forecast, traffic info, lane modification, available road services, price brochures, promotional operations. ..

PSA Peugeot Citroën has thus approached IBM to strengthen a partnership already established a few years ago, with a view to further developing the connected vehicle of tomorrow.

The objective is simple: to offer tailor-made connected services to each driver. And this could go through the collection of information on social networks and an analysis module produced by IBM to try to offer some predictive features.

The user could then be offered a walk to a place that he is likely to appreciate based on his known centers of interest. A module could offer tourist circuits automatically based on the opinions of customers shared on the Internet and the driver's subscriptions to different activities or brands on social networks.

In rainy weather, the vehicle could invite the user to go to the cinema rather than on a hike, while offering them the movies playing. Depending on his calendar, the car could also automatically offer him GPS guidance, or even remind him that he still has some way to go to get home if an appointment is scheduled the next day early in the morning …