Peugeot 208: the brand will only launch 100% electric models

Peugeot intends to make progress in the electrification of the ranges, while the group is losing ground against Renault on the electric. The Peugeot boss suggests in an interview the arrival of a new electric 208 as well as a 2008 compact SUV.

Peugeot 208
Credit: Peugeot

In Europe, the electric car market is growing, as is theelectrification of ranges from manufacturers. However, not all French manufacturers are doing their energy transition equally well. On the electric city car segment, the electric Peugeot 208 represents only 18% of Peugeot 208 sales. sells half as well as the Renault Zoé.

And while we are waiting for the arrival of a Renault 5 only available in electric, Peugeot sharpens its strategy. This is in any case what emerges from an interview with the boss of the manufacturer Jean-Philippe Imparato. To believe the manager, the next Peugeot 208 will only be offered with an electric motor. And this will not be the only model affected.

The next Peugeot 208 and 2008 will only be offered in electric

In fact, all small city cars will only become available in electric versions. This therefore also concerns the Peugeot 2008. “The next generations of B-segment and B-segment SUVs after the 208 and 2008 will be completely electric vehicles”. And to add, to better explain his decision: “In the world interest in electric vehicles is increasing every month and every week”.

Jean-Philippe Imparato continues: “In the last ten weeks of orders have been over 14% for fully electric models of 208 and 2008. And on the 3008 that we launched in early December, sales of PHEV engines are 27%”. For now the manufacturer nevertheless prefers to offer a certain number of models with thermal engines – to keep prices accessible.

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“On segment A”, he explains,“If you add electricity, plus connectivity, plus 5G, plus EuroNCAP plus other regulations, this impacts the accessibility of the vehicle – the basic € 10,000 becomes € 30,000”. Unfortunately the entrepreneur does not give no real delays for the transition from the 208 and 2008 ranges to all electric. Which might not happen before the second half of the 2020 decade.

Source: AutoExpress