Periscope is dead: Twitter to shut down live video app in March 2021

Periscope saw his last moments. In March 2021, Twitter will shut down the live video sharing app for good. According to the social network, fewer and fewer Internet users are using the platform to distribute content. Moreover, Twitter has integrated most of Periscope’s features into its interface.

periscope death twitter march 2021

This Tuesday, December 15, Twitter announced the end of Periscope, the video-sharing application bought in 2015. From March 2021, the application will disappear from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. As of now, Periscope no longer allows you to create a new account. To share live videos, or watch those of other users, you must connect to an existing account.

Competed by Facebook, TikTok or Instagram, Periscope is massively deserted by Internet usersTwitter explains in a blog post. “Over the past two years, we’ve seen a decrease in usage and we know the cost of supporting the app will only increase over time” states the American social network.

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Twitter integrates Periscope functionality into its application

The truth is, the Periscope application has been in an unsustainable mode of maintenance, and has been for a while ” Twitter specifies. Concretely, Periscope has been brain dead for several years. Twitter simply decided to stop the charges. To ensure a smooth transition, Twitter will allow users to recover the videos recorded in the application before closing. “We would probably have made this decision earlier if the events of 2020 had not redefined the priority of our projects” Twitter claims.

“We still believe in the power of live video to solve important problems, which is why we have integrated most of the basic functionality of Periscope on Twitter” continues Jack Dorsey’s social network. Since 2016, Twitter already allows its users to broadcast live video as easily as posting a tweet. “Live video is the most immersive way to see what’s happening around the world” Twitter wrote when the feature was launched. Are you going to miss Periscope? We await your opinion in the comments below.