Pencil, Apple’s stylus would hide new features

Pencil, Apple's stylus would hide new features

iFixit disassembled the Apple Pencil 2. They discovered a network circuit which would open the way to more complex gestures.Image 1: Pencil, Apple's stylus would hide new features

Launched at the same time as the new iPad Pro 2018, the Apple Pencil 2 offers new features such as double tap. The dismantling carried out by iFixit underlines that the stylus hides enormous potential. The team discovered a capacitive network covering the entire Pencil 2, the Cupertino company could use it to improve the performance of its tool.

During the presentation, Apple insisted on the presence of new features like this famous “double tap”. For example, when the owner uses an application such as Notes, double-pressing the side of the Apple Pencil 2 allows him to quickly navigate between available brushes.

Towards a scanning option?

Rumors have raised an interesting possibility, the Apple Pencil 2 would be able to support sweep gestures in addition to pressure. The Cupertino company has not confirmed these assumptions. However, the discovery of iFixit highlights that this possibility remains possible, in a more or less near future. Such functionality would facilitate web browsing and simplify the description of a slide.

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