Peel PG920: two phone numbers on an iPhone

Peel PG920: two phone numbers on an iPhone

Vooma has announced the release of an iPhone case that could delight frequent travelers. Baptized Peel PG920, this case offers on the one hand an additional battery which will extend the autonomy of the iPhone 4 and on the other hand, it integrates a mini-SIM slot (and not micro-SIM) which will allow to use the smartphone on any network.

To be able to use the second SIM card, it will nevertheless be necessary to use an application designed by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, it is expected to be downloadable only from the Cydia Store (the iPhone must therefore be necessarily jailbreak). Another restriction, the SIM card can only carry voice, and no data.

Nevertheless, and this is the practical side of the accessory, the micro-SIM integrated in the iPhone continues to work and therefore offers two call numbers linked to a single smartphone.

The price of the accessory is not yet known.

We discuss it on the forum.

(Via TechCrunch | Vooma website )