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PC Sales: Market Grows Fastest in 10 Years

The PC market saw its sales increase significantly in 2020. 302 million computers were shipped last year, 13.1% more than in 2019. Containment measures have largely contributed to increasing demand for the proportion of users who found themselves teleworking.

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302 million PCs shipped in 2020. This considerable figure is all the more impressive when compared to the statistics of 2019, where “only” 267 million computers have been shipped. The market is like this up 13.1% compared to the previous year, unprecedented since 2010. By itself, the last quarter of 2020 accounts for 91.6 million units shipped, either 26.1% more than in 2019 over the same period.

Ryan Reith, vice president of IDC, the research firm behind the study, explains that “Demand is pushing the PC market forward. All the signs indicate that this growth is not about to stop ”. He also specifies that this impressive increase is due to the coronavirus crisis and the various confinements that resulted from it: “The obvious drivers of this growth revolve around teleworking and the needs that distance learning entails”.

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The PC has made a big comeback in 2020

Although teleworking has helped increase the demand for PCs, Ryan Reith specifies that “The strength of the consumer market should not be underestimated”. He thus recalls that computers are also used to respond to entertainment needs of their users. “We continue to see sales of PC gaming and monitors breaking all records, and devices based on Chrome are exported beyond education to gain a foothold in the consumer market.”

Thus, Lenovo, which presented the Legion Slim 7i, the lightest gaming PC in the world last August, takes first place among the manufacturers having shipped the most computers in 2020 with more than 72 million units. HP and Dell complete the podium with respectively 67 million and 50 millions of PCs shipped. Apple ranks 4th with almost 7.6% market share, followed by Acer who gets 6.9% market share.

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Source: IDC