PC gaming kit very low price

Genius KMH-200Bearing the reference KMH-200, this PC gaming kit consisting of a keyboard, a mouse and a headset $ 27.90 (which should give 25-30 euros with us). Suffice to say that you should not expect many features.

The keyboard, which uses technology membrane, thus only brings a small non-slip wrist rest and the highlighting of the movement keys (red in color). Note, however, that its design gives it a splash resistance, which will facilitate cleaning. For its part, the mouse has an optical sensor with a sensitivity of up to 1,000 dpi and is content with three buttons (counting the click of the wheel). It also benefits from a red backlight for the nocturnal parties. Good news: we are talking about a model ambidextrous, which will thus be accessible to right-handers as well as to left-handers. As for the helmet, which weighs 254 grams, it offers two ear muffs with ear pads leather and speakers from 4 centimeters in diameter, as well as a microphone at the end of a rotating rod. Behind the earmuff incorporating the microphone, there is an on / off button for the latter, as well as a small wheel to easily adjust the sound volume.