Path summoned by Apple for explanations

Path summoned by Apple for explanations

Path creator Dave Morin was reportedly called by Apple yesterday for explanations about the address book scandal. A case that had made a lot of noise and into a torrent of anger users on the Cupertino company.

A few months ago, the address book scandal hit the headlines. At the time, it was the Path social network that had been singled out first. Path, and then other networks, have reportedly used users' data, including their address books, without asking their permission. A situation that had created popular indignation and especially affected the image of Apple.

We learn today that the creator of Path was summoned yesterday by Tim Cook in person to discuss the problem. Difficult to know what the two characters were able to talk about exactly, but we imagine that Dave Morin was probably in his little shoes and wanted to bring solutions on the table…

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(Source: MacRumors)