patents for a connected ... round watch!

patents for a connected … round watch!

Apple Watch round patent

While the vast majority of connected watches have gone through a round case, the Apple Watch, the segment leader, has kept a rectangular design in its second edition. This does not prevent Apple from imagining a circular box in patents.

The first connected watches (at least since Samsung and Apple became interested in it) have given rise to products with a square or rectangular dial, sometimes a little rounded at the corners. Quite quickly, the trend for circular cases, similar to those of traditional watches, became apparent on the side of watches under Android Wear.

For its part, Apple proposed for its watch Apple Watch a rectangular case with rounded corners, which did not prevent it from taking the leadership of the segment last year in the space of a few months.

The new edition Apple Watch Series 2 has generally kept the same design, staying away from developments from competitor Android Wear. In two patents submitted to the USPTO in the United States, the Apple group describes a connected watch which this time would have a round case.

Apple patent shows "width =" 432 "height =" 241

We find the main lines of the operation of a watch with a square dial adapted to a circular model, with a display with rows and columns of variable dimensions, with possibilities of overlap between each other.

Apple could therefore offer in a future evolution of its Apple Watch a new format with a round case, even if, as always, nothing says for the moment that these patents will indeed be exploited in a commercial product.