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Patents: Apple wants to improve iPhone touch in the rain


Posted: November 15 2018
Updated: November 15, 2018

by David

If you have already tried to interact with your iPhone in the rain or with wet fingers, you may have noticed that the smartphone was not working as you expected. Good news ! This problem may disappear on the next iPhone.

Recently, Apple has filed two patents which present a new technology developed by the firm, capable of “recognizing” the rain and adapting the touch accordingly. Apple therefore seeks to improve the touch screen of the iPhone when the screen is in contact with water.

iphone rain - Patents: Apple wants to improve the touch of the iPhone in the rain

If the patent is used in the next smartphones of the American company, iPhone users could interact correctly with the screen in the rain or when their fingers are wet (at sports, for example!).

The screen of future iPhones could be equipped with several micro-sensors, which would be able to detect a multitude of contacts with the screen and to reconstruct the overall direction of the gestures. As for the second patent, it puts the veil on algorithms which would reinforce the information provided by the micro-sensors.

As a reminder, it should be noted that these are only patents. There is no guarantee that these will turn into a new screen. On the other hand, this information gives us an idea concerning the improvements that the firm could bring to its iPhone in the years to come.