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Patents: Apple Still Thinking About MacBook With Virtual Keyboard


Posted: June 8 2017
Updated: June 8, 2017

by Paul

The MacBook Apple has a keyboard with a mechanism in which the keys have almost no depth. In other words, the device can no longer be thinner than it already is. However, the company may consider permanently getting rid of the physical keyboard and moving to a completely flat touchscreen. This is what a patent filed last fall and made public recently.

The invention seems to be largely inspired by trackpads ” Force Touch »That Apple has integrated on recent MacBooks and which are based on haptic technology. When clicking, a layer detects the force that the user’s fingers transmit to the surface and when pressed, a small motor provides a click feeling. In short, instead of the physical keys, a future MacBook could have a flat surface.

patent apple macbook virtual keyboard - Patents: Apple is still thinking of a MacBook with virtual keyboardThe patent suggests that this type of haptic technology can be configured for a laptop keyboard or a numeric keypad, with the same general input structure. Moreover, the positioning of these haptic keyboards can be configured according to the needs and desires of the users.

Finally, the patent states that the “microperforations” in the housing could light up to give the user guidelines for the keyboard. If such a technology is particularly attractive and promising, it is nevertheless far from certain that the Californian firm is developing it in one of its future MacBooks.