Patent: what if the AirPods case becomes a backup battery?

Patent: what if the AirPods case becomes a backup battery?

airpods apple iphone ipadFinding usefulness for unimportant things is what you might think that Apple is trying to do with their latest patent.

Indeed, the latter would seek to transform the case of the AirPods into a backup battery for Apple Watch (and perhaps other devices?).


A case as a backup battery

The new Apple Watch, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X all have one thing in common: they are equipped with the new wireless charging technology. The latter is a real opportunity for the creators of accessories, who have understood this and who are starting to offer articles in connection with recharging.

But Apple is also starting to dive deeper into it, and according to a recently filed patent, would seek to give usefulness to the case of the AirPods: the latter would serve as a wireless backup battery for Apple Watch, and probably for other devices compatible with.

It should also be noted that this patent was officially and quickly accepted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which might suggest a rapid arrival of this new box.

A novelty that could be very useful when you know that the next devices should all have wireless charging.