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Patent: what if Face ID secures your iPhone with the veins on your face?


Posted: March 15 2019
Updated: March 14, 2019

by Steve

Face ID is clearly the best facial recognition software on the market? EngineersApple have worked on it for many years, and casually, we can only congratulate them on this little feat. It must be said that the scan of the 3D imprint of the face, added to the recognition of the look, greatly limits the error rates. While allowing an ultra fast unlocking of the phone. Some problems remain, however, especially when dealing with twins or very similar individuals. Rare, but existing cases.

face ID vein on the face - Patent: what if Face ID secures your iPhone with the veins on your face?

Suddenly, Apple does not want to be put down by these few bad news, which jeopardize the near-perfection of the facial recognition system of the apple brand. To do this, the Cupertino company recently filed a patent as disconcerting as brilliant. Apple describes a facial recognition technique never seen before: the recognition of veins on the surface of the face. An infrared sensor, coupled with a light developer, would thus reveal the elements ” sub-epidermal facial – veins, in French.

With such technology, it’s hard to imagine Face ID as anything other than a real castle. Photos, masks or any other subterfuge would not work to unlock the device. The technology is more than promising on paper, but this patent still has to work – unlike so many of its colleagues. To have !