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Patent: Touch ID back on future iPhone?

According to AppleInsider, the apple brand would work on a whole new Touch ID. Filed in September 2016 by Apple, a patent would indeed list a fingerprint recognition system placed under the screen of a iPhone. It would work via the use of an acoustic transducer. The transducer would then be able to recognize various acoustic pulses, to recognize the fingerprints of a finger placed on a screen.

A set of transducers would be applied in contact with the slab. In addition, an imaging system would monitor the return of coded acoustic signals. An image of the fingerprints would then be analyzed and then recorded.

touch id - Patent: Touch ID back on future iPhone?

The advantage of such a device is that fingerprint detection would be done on the entire screen, and not on a restricted area. In addition, this sound system would be much less expensive and less difficult to manufacture than the electrodes. Finally, using the acoustic transducer would be much faster than the traditional methods used so far.

Patent requires, nothing proves to us that this technology will be an integral part of the iPhone of tomorrow. But the idea, as attractive as possible, did indeed cross the minds of the employees of the firm. Cupertino. In any case, the technology of the Face ID being more than effective, the return of the Touch ID is not necessary for the moment. At most, it will be a nice security supplement.