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Patent: MacBook with iPad for screen & iPhone for TouchPad


Posted: March 29 2017
Updated: March 29, 2017

by benjamin

Last Thursday, Patently apple spotted a new request for patent granted to Apple by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). The request in question describes an accessory allowing a MacBook to receive a iPhone or iPad. In the case of the tablet, would transform the apple brand laptop into a model with touchscreen.

Apple has always refused to do its laptops and tablets for hybrid devices. The documents released by the USPTO thus suggest that the Cupertino company has finally reviewed its position on the subject. In addition, the request mentions docks intended for other branded mobile terminals.

patent apple ipad iphone touchpad macbook ecran - Patent: a MacBook with iPad for screen & iPhone for TouchPadA dock in the Touchpad area could, for example, receive an iPhone to provide processor, graphics card, RAM and storage memory for the entire device. The iPhone would then be used as a Touchpad. In another version, the entire display section would be a dock for the iPad. The tablet would power the entire device.

The apple brand submitted its application last September, but like most of its patents, this does not mean that it will launch this type of product on the market in the coming years…