Patent: iPhone could warn user when screen needs repair

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And if in the future,iPhone could warn its user when it should be repaired? This feature, which could prove very useful for “technophobes”, was recently imagined in a patent filed by Apple.

The site Patently apple recently disclosed an application for a patent for the apple brand from March 2016. The document in question describes a system capable of detecting a crack on the screen of the iPhone. The technology would be so powerful that it would also be able to detect microcracks invisible to the naked eye. In the event of deterioration, the system would display an alert to the user.

patent apple iphone detection screen breaks - Patent: the iPhone could warn the user when the screen needs to be repairedHow would detection be done?

The detection system would be based on an “optical signal” technology. A spectrum invisible to the naked eye would thus be used by Apple. A first sensor would emit a series of waves over the entire surface of the glass. Other sensors would then have the function of receivers. The wave frequencies would then be analyzed to detect possible defects on the surface of the glass.

Each year, the apple brand strengthens the resistance of the lenses of its phones. For the moment, it is impossible to know if such a system will one day equip the Apple iPhones.