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Patent: iPhone as key to open Apple Car?

apple car cle brevet iphone - Brevet : l

apple car cle brevet iphone - Brevet : l


Posted: May 25, 2016
Updated: May 25, 2016

by benjamin

The USPTO recently released a new patent forApple. This concerns his future autonomous electric car and more particularly affects his control mode. Entitled Accessing a vehicle using portable devices, the document describes in a way the way in which one can access and control his vehicle with a mobile device like theiPhone.

apple car iphone patent key - Patent: the iPhone as key to open the Apple Car?Based on the information described in the patent, the driver, using his iPhone, could open and close the doors of his car or start and stop the engine. He could also use his Apple smartphone to configure personalized settings for his vehicle. For example, he would be able to choose the engine power himself, adjust the air conditioning or even adjust the mirrors.

In addition, the patent also suggests that the connection would be secure between the car and the iPhone thanks to the temporary keys. This means that only its owner would be able to control it as it pleases. Although this information is also interesting, it is not however as surprising as that considering that such technology already exists with certain car manufacturers.