Patent for better photos on iPhone thanks to three sensors

Patent for better photos on iPhone thanks to three sensors

Each year, dozens of patents are developed by Apple, some of which find rapid applications in its products, while others are pure technical or technological fantasy.

iPhone photo sensor This time, a patent nevertheless seems realistic enough for it to lead to an evolution on the side of the iPhone, and more specifically on the side of its photo sensor.

With each model evolution, the iPhone offers an ever more powerful digital camera, it must be said that the photo sensor and the quality of the shots taken have become an important point of the smartphone in recent years.

The patent in question thus evokes a "photo sensor IPhone Prism digital equipped with a light divider ". The light would be separated there by passing through a prism to create three beams corresponding to different wavelengths, each then being projected on its own sensor. the sensor would have to divide the light into three colors: red, green and blue.

The system already exists in professional cameras and some recent high-end camcorders. The three-sensor technology makes it possible to offer richer images, better saturation and better brightness of the renderings.

And the patent goes even further by evoking the possibility of separating the light a little more towards cyan, yellow, green and magenta (CYGM) or even red, green, blue and emerald (RGBE).

The patent now granted to Apple is an extension of another patent already obtained by the firm, which provided for the development of a mirror system aimed at offering optical stabilization in micro photo sensors.

Now remains to be seen if Apple will apply this patent in its next digital cameras embedded in its iPhone.