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Patent: Face ID coming soon to your car?

portiere voiture - Brevet : Face ID intégré prochainement à votre voiture ?

portiere voiture - Brevet : Face ID intégré prochainement à votre voiture ?


Posted: February 16, 2019
Updated: February 15, 2019

by Steve

And if you unlock your car using Face ID ? A patent filed in 2017 by the apple manufacturer legitimately launches the question. Apple has indeed worked on the integration of a facial unlocking device to a vehicle. And this, even before the technology is introduced on the new iPhone and iPad Pro.

car door - Patent: Face ID integrated soon in your car?

Entitled “Vehicle authorization system and method”, the patent describes a biometric recognition device, which makes it possible to secure the car thanks to the facial identification of its driver. According to the document, several user accounts could be associated with the same system, to allow several drivers to use the vehicle. These accounts would be configurable and we could associate a specific position of the seats and mirrors, or an automatic launch of music, for example.

Apple would work in addition on its project Titan, an autonomous driving system. With this patent, Face ID technology could be associated with it. The apple brand would therefore become a new giant in the automotive world. However, the manufacturer recently reduced the workforce around the Titan project, putting aside 200 people. In any case, the integration of FaceID within the automobile could be as interesting as it is frightening: if there is deception, you can say goodbye to your vehicle.