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Patent: Driving your iPhone using the camera

A patent filed by Apple in August 2008 and released today details how it is possible to‘Use his iPhone by using the camera and his fingers in front of the latter.

Thus, by a movement of the finger in front of the camera, it would be possible tomove forward or backward in a voice message, or change tracks on the iPod or change web page.

The patent does not stop there since it also explains theuse of the accrometer by tapping on the hull iPhone, allowing you toclick. The management of these taps would be configured by default in the iPhone but could be modified by the developers to use them, their boxes, for the management of their applications.

A concrete example in this patent would, for example, be listening to music via your iPod. A small tap on the shell would stop the music and a second tap would restart the music and run your finger in front of the camera, in one direction to reverse the music or in the other to advance in the music .

Another concrete example would be, when listening to voice messages, that swiping a finger in one direction would go to the next voice message without having to remove your iPhone from your ear while listening to messages.

Finally, leaving your finger in front of the camera lens while moving it in front of the lens would allow navigation on a web page, for example or scrolling through a list (of contacts or of the iPod).

With this patent, Apple therefore wishes to extend the possibilities of interaction with a mobile device such as the iPhone.

We discuss it on the forum.

(Patently Apple) via (MacRumors)