Patent: Apple would consider a Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar

magic keyboard touch bar - Brevet : Apple envisagerait un Magic Keyboard avec Touch Bar


Posted: April 11 2017
Updated: April 11, 2017

by benjamin

After the launch of the MacBook Pro in 2016, some wondered if Apple was considering integrating a Touch Bar on a future Magic Keyboard. A new patent for the apple brand reveals that is thinking of this possibility.

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has released 3 documents (20170090596, 20170090597 and 20170090654) describing a keyboard with a touchbar like the one found on MacBook Pro released last year. It is also stipulated that this “revolutionary” keyboard could be combined with other Apple devices.

magic keyboard touch bar - Patent: Apple would consider a Magic Keyboard with Touch BarThe latest apple laptops have been relatively criticized. They were mostly shunned by professionals, Apple’s target customers for the MacBook Pro 2016. At their workplace, they prefer to use a desktop computer rather than a laptop. It is for this reason that the Cupertino company plans to develop an autonomous keyboard equipped with the Touch Bar.

The touch bar is not the only feature announced on this new Magic Keyboard. Indeed, some analysts would also see the Touch ID land on the keyboard in question. For the time being, there is no indication of the presence of a fingerprint sensor on the keyboard.