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Patent: Apple wants to integrate Face ID to its Macs


Posted: April 18, 2019
Updated: April 16, 2019

by Steve

Face IDis THE technology Apple ultimate. Both practical and functional, the facial recognition system overwhelms all competition thanks to its speed and unparalleled simplicity. The apple brand has therefore struck a blow by incorporating it into its iPhone and iPad. A technology similar to what is offered Touch ID, which is now integrated into Macbook the most expensive.

iphone x face id featured 960x540 - Patent: Apple would like to integrate Face ID to its Macs

Face ID has often been seen as the replacement for Touch ID. And the apple brand seems to confirm this appreciation: the manufacturer of Cupertino would indeed offer its technology on the brand’s Macbooks. This is confirmed by a patent.

The patent, which was filed by Apple in Europe, rules that the technology on the Mac should not be completely identical to that which can currently be found on the iPhone and iPad. Indeed, Face ID on iPhone incorporates 3D technology. On Mac, it should rather take the form of a retinal scanner. Only the most high-end security systems have such security. Another important point: the touch bar should also arrive on an external keyboard developed by Apple. Only Macbook Pro have benefited so far. To have !