Patent: Apple thinks of a glass keyboard on the MacBook

brevetclavier macbook - Brevet : Apple songe à un clavier en verre sur le MacBook


Posted: February 6 2019
Updated: February 6, 2019

by Steve

The Macbook may be small pieces of technology, they are not free from defects. Starting with their keyboards! Yes, the writing is fluid, the sensations are good, the keys are fast and pleasant … But its noise!

In any open space, or in any classroom, you will always hear someone moaning if you have a bit of a heavy hand. And if the computer costs a trifle of 1000 € minimum, many users who notice blocked keys or abnormal operation. And this, despite the great care taken with the device.

patentclavier macbook - Brevet: Apple thinks of a glass keyboard on the MacBook

These problems have clearly not fallen on deaf ears. Filed last summer by Apple and published last week by theUS Patent and Trademark Office, a patent points to the creation of a keyboard composed of a glass plate surmounted by raised keys. The glass plate, tactile, would detect the pressures made on the keys.

For now, we have no details on the operation of this glass keyboard. But nothing excludes a haptic feedback, used for a few years on Apple products. In any case, a patent remains a patent: the next Macbook is unlikely to have an all-glass keyboard. But hope gives life, and the arrival of such technology would be revolutionary.

macbook keyboard patent - Patent: Apple thinks of a glass keyboard on the MacBook