Patent: Apple plans MacBook with cellular connection

apple brevet macbook connexion cellulaire - Brevet : Apple envisage un MacBook avec connexion cellulaire


Posted: June 24 2016
Updated: June 24, 2016

by Youssouf

Apple has been making laptops for 25 years now, but still doesn’t offer a cellular option for its lighter and more powerful machines. That could change, however, according to an Apple patent recently unveiled by Patently apple, which describes a Mac with cellular connectivity.

apple patent macbook cellular connection - Patent: Apple plans a MacBook with cellular connection

There is nothing particularly surprising in the patent. The documents refer to devices with a dual antenna design and which “could carry wireless communication circuits operating in long-range communication bands such as cell phone bands“.

As a reminder, in 2011, a prototype of MacBook 2007 appeared on eBay with a large sliding antenna integrated into the screen, but this model was never produced by Apple. The fault of Steve Jobs who in 2008 had entrusted to the newspaper USA Today that Apple had planned to launch such a device, but that the company did not want to force its customers to stay with a single operator or add complications to the shopping experience.

apple macbook 2007 cellular prototype - Patent: Apple plans a MacBook with cellular connection

Today, however, the antennas can be integrated directly into the devices. So there is a lot more freedom in how users can switch from one mobile operator to another, and opting for a cellular version of a device doesn’t seem that complicated.