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Patent: Apple could integrate Night Shift with Macs and CarPlay


Posted: July 6 2016
Updated: July 6, 2016

by benjamin

Apple has just obtained a new patent and it relates more particularly to the new functionality Night shift. As its name suggests, it offers the possibility for users to change the colors of the screen so that they can better adapt to night use. As a reminder, Night Shift was offered for the first time with iOS 9.3, and is therefore of course present on iOS 10.

iOS 9.3 night shift - Patent: Apple could integrate Night Shift with Macs and CarPlayWith this new patent, the apple company wants to extend it to all of its devices, starting with the Mac. There are rumors that macOS Sierra will come with this new feature as soon as it is released. As it was not ultimately the case, the Cupertino company could wait for a new update of its operating system for Mac to offer it. CarPlay could also acquire Night Shift according to Patently apple.

Anyway, such a feature can only please many users of Apple devices. However, as with some patents already obtained in the past, it is far from certain that the Californian giant integrates Night Shift into updates to its operating systems in the coming months.