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Pages: the new MacBook Pro with OLED bar confirmed?


Posted: September 1 2016
Updated: September 1, 2016

by benjamin

If the various rumors are to be believed, the MacBook Pro of this year should embark on several interesting novelties. Among the most notable, we await in particular the arrival of a bar OLED instead of the traditional function keys placed on the upper part of the keyboard. So far, nothing is official about this. However, the recent discovery of Consomac could confirm this novelty.

new macbook pro with oled bar confirms - Pages: the new MacBook Pro with OLED bar confirmed?Indeed, the site has found a “Customize Function Row” (Row personalization function) in the application code Pages. This suggests that it will be possible for users to customize certain shortcuts inside this application. Features that will normally be possible with the arrival of the OLED bar on the future MacBook Pro, insofar as it should improve the interaction with the different functions offered by each application.

This discovery therefore gradually confirms the arrival of the OLED bar on the new MacBook Pro. However, we still do not know if it will land with the model planned for this year. If that’s the case, then we should see it arriving as early as next October, as evoked by the rumors of recent days. Other pieces of information which may shed light on this subject should arrive in the coming weeks.