Packard Bell goes luxury with its “S”

Packard Bell goes luxury with its "S"

Image 1: Packard Bell made in luxury with its

Packard Bell will soon release a luxury machine on the European market. The EasyNote S presents itself as a 13.4-inch laptop with delicate and slightly futuristic lines.

Thin, light, economical …

Using a processor with very low consumption, the “S” would be capable of an autonomy which would be around 8 hours. And despite its thinness (2.4 cm thick), it has a dedicated graphics card. Coupled with the machine’s HDMI port, Ati’s HD4830 will allow you to decode High Definition content with complete peace of mind. Let’s complete the configuration with a Wi-Fi module, Bluetooth and a 3G chip.

In the end, it only remains to know the size of the hard drive and the amount of RAM that the EasyNote S will have. Designed in aluminum, it promises to be light. Packarb Bell even thought of including a multitouch touchpad. Attention to detail may well add up to the bill. Neither date nor price are known at present.