Ovo: a natural sound amplifier for iPhone

Amplificateur Ovo - Ovo : un amplificateur de son naturel pour iPhone

The speakers are the major shortcoming of iPhone ofApple. In addition to their low power which has changed very little over the years, they are of the type mono. Conversely, some competing products offer stereo speakers, which provide much better sound quality.

Ovo amplifier - Ovo: a natural sound amplifier for iPhoneThe creation studio May Day Design Created Ovo, a very unique accessory by its appearance. It is a external sound amplifier, intended for iPhone 5 and to Iphone 6. It has the particularity of being built on the basis of Carrara marble, a luxurious material.

If we are to believe the words of the creative company, this product will passively amplify the sound of compatible iPhones. You will be able to listen to any audio file, enjoying a optimal sound quality. To buy the Ovo, you will have to pay the sum of 350 euros. The price is explained in particular by the prestige of Carrara marble…