Overheating and shutdown of the laptop? Know how to repair

Overheating and shutdown of the laptop? Know how to repair

Overheating and shutdown of the laptop? Know how to repair

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Laptops replace desktops day after day and why not when they cover less space, very stylish and portable. You do not have to connect this big CPU, keyboard, mouse, UPS to work on your system. Just turn on your laptop and sit in any corner of your house and start doing your work.

Although these miniature systems are very useful, but the biggest problem with these magical systems is overheating. As laptops get older, the heating problem also increases. You have also experienced this problem. The overheating of the laptop may be caused by the additional load of programs running in your system, impure cooling fans like dust and dirt are deposited on the fans and other internal parts of the laptop and cause overheating and other factors too.

Overheating of the notebook may also cause data loss, system hang-up, abrupt shutdown, stop operation and, in the worst case scenario, damage the entire system. So, if your laptop is overheating, it is better to repair it now.

Do not worry, you can easily fix the overheating problem of the laptop. This article contains some of the best ways to repair the overheating and shutdown of the laptop. But first, let me tell you some of the signs of overheating so that, if you see any of the signs in your system, you can repair it before it gets worse.

The signs of overheating your laptop are:

As I mentioned above, overheating is very dangerous for your laptop. So, just to avoid the harmful effects of overheating, you need to know if your laptop is overheating. There are many signs that can tell you if your laptop is overheating or not.

  • High snoring noises made by the fans of your laptop.
  • If certain areas, such as the fan, battery, or RAM, get too hot.
  • Your laptop is automatically stopped.
  • Programs take too long to complete the basic functions.
  • Your laptop freezes or stops working.

How to repair the overheating and the problem of stopping the laptop

So, above, the signs indicating that your laptop is overheating. Here are some of the best ways to solve the problem of overheating the laptop. Just follow them and you can certainly get rid of this problem of overheating.

Clean the fan

The main culprit of overheating in the laptop is a dusty and dirty fan. You should always check your laptop's cooling fans first if there is a build up of dirt when you feel your laptop is overheating. From day to day, working regularly, a standard amount of dust and dirt settles on fans that obstruct the path of air to enter the outside world. This prevents hot air from coming out of the laptop and causing overheating.

Not only the fan, but you also need to clean the exhaust port and grilles to get rid of the problem of overheating in a laptop. The exhaust port is the opening from which the hot air blows and the intake grilles allow air to be drawn into the laptop.

But before going any further to clean these parts of your laptop, be sure to take the help of your technician or the internet to find out how to open your laptop to access these rooms and clean them.

This is the fastest way to clean your laptop's fan without actually dismounting it.

  1. So, first, locate the fan of your laptop.
  2. Now, take a small vacuum cleaner and clean it using the vacuum so that all the fan dust can be removed to allow hot air to come out of the laptop and avoid overheating.
  3. After that, connect your laptop and check if it works well or not.

This was the way to clean the fan, but to clean the other part of the laptop, it must be dismounted, then remove the fan or other parts and clean them by vacuuming or air. If you do not have this, you can take cotton and soak it in a small amount of alcohol to clean the laptop parts. And do not forget to allow the alcohol to evaporate completely before turning on your system.

Please note that if your laptop is still under warranty, opening the laptop or disassembling its part may void the warranty. Report the problem of overheating the laptop to the service center.

Keep the laptop on a suitable surface

Guys, you should always keep in mind that the warm air in the laptop should be blowing and cooling air to enter the system at normal temperature. And most laptops suck in the cooling air from their bottom. But if you place your laptop on an irregular surface like a cushion or on your lap, the way to cool the air to enter the laptop is restricted and bring the laptop warm even more.

It is therefore advisable to place your laptop on a flat surface or you can even buy the laptop holder or the laptop tray. This will provide the proper way to get the air into the laptop.

Check the software

If none of the above methods work, it is more likely that some programs or software that consume more CPUs or there are many boot applications in your system that may reduce the efficiency of your system. exploitation. So, to stop unwanted startup applications, access the task manager and look for applications that use a lot of CPU and RAM, you can also install a system cleaner like CCleaner that can quickly delete the recycle bin and cache only to bridge charge and reduce Overheating of the laptop.

So here, the main thing we need to achieve is to ease the load of the system so that it can work in its full efficiency which has a direct effect on overheating.

Get a laptop cooler

You can also get a cooling block for your laptop just to cool it down and reduce heating. These laptop coolers provide the flow of fresh air and keep your laptop from normal temperature. But again, you should choose the right laptop cooler for your laptop. Like, if the hot air comes out of the bottom of your laptop, always select a cooler that blows fresh air into the laptop. Because the bad laptop cooler can make the situation even worse.

This cooling block contains some kind of crystals in them that helps drive the heat away from the laptop and cools it. Carefully choose a cooling block that fits your laptop.


The batteries can also cause overheating. Some people keep the power cord plugged in, even when the battery is 100% full in the laptop. Well, what you really do is charge the battery even if it is full and it can affect the health of the battery. And later, the battery can generate heat causing a overheating of the laptop .

So guys, these are some of the effective methods to repair the overheating of the laptop and closing the problem. You can simply follow these methods and solve the problem of your laptop with ease. In addition, if you know other ways, share them with us. Have a good day!

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