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Over 20,000 iPhones imported into Belgium …

The agency Belga obtained new figures sure the circulation of imported iPhones in Belgium : We have approximately 13,000 users on our network, confirms Frdrique Verbist, spokesperson for Proximus. At Base, they would 5,000. Mobistar speaks of several thousand.

Will the official launch of the iPhone in Belgium offer solutions these owners of imported iPhones. Will the operator Mobistar allow you to regularize yourself via a flat rate special iPhone?

It goes without saying that the French operator, Orange, had taken the lead on this problematic, when the iPhone was launched in France, by offering to regularize by subscribing to an iPhone plan.

It is the guarantee of our precious which could, possibly new application; without forgetting the potential Benefits Mobistar could see the extent of imported iPhones in our country.

We discuss it on the forum.

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