Over 1.7 million French people use connected speakers

Amazon Echo, Google Home, HomePod or Link Series (JBL) are the examples cited in a Médiamétrie study (PDF) according to which France has more than 1.7 million users of speakers connected with voice control. This therefore remains an emerging market in France.

This type of equipment is in any case now widely known insofar as 89% of the Internet users questioned are aware of its existence. For users of this panel interviewed in mid-November, the connected speaker is used first to listen to music.

The second use covers practical information such as the weather, and the use podium is completed by listening to live radio. Internet research comes fourth. On the other hand, " the use of the voice-activated speaker for shopping or ordering a taxi or a pizza on the internet is still a little developed use ", notes Médiamétrie.

Anyway, brands – and not just the media – are increasingly trying to be present on connected speakers. The average age of a connected speaker user is 39, which is younger than the average Internet user. He lives in a home of at least three people.

On the thorny question of personal data, Médiamétrie writes " that a very large number of users of voice-activated speakers would be ready to share personal usage data such as their tastes or their geolocation "for personalized content and services.

Before Christmas 2017, the CNIL had alerted public opinion to the issues surrounding privacy with connected speakers.