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Our selection of the best apps for back to school!

Our selection of the best apps for back to school!

Back to school is coming very soon for many students. Those who are lucky enough to own an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod Touch will be able to fill their favorite device with a multitude of applications essential for the good progress of their studies. Belgium iPhone has selected for you a range of essential applications in the life of a student to lead a successful academic year.

Office suite

Taking notes on an iPad or modifying a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file is essential before a class or an oral presentation? Applications Pages (7.99) Numbers (7.99) and Keynote (7.99) are made for you. Despite their high price, these applications are universal and will allow you to modify your Office and iWork files very easily. In addition, the iCloud service will be provided for the synchronization of your documents as soon as it is available to the general public.

Need to record a lesson to complete your notes as soon as you get home? Nothing could be simpler and Apple has already thought of it for you! The Dictaphone application supplied as standard with all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will meet your expectations.

If you want a simple note-taking app without the need for full layout tools, the app Moleskine (available for free) is perfect for you. From Mrs, Evernote allows you to take all kinds of documents (text, image, audio) with the assurance that these will be automatically synchronized to your notes on your Mac, PC or on the web.


In the 21st century, the paper agenda may look like another age and your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can perfectly take over thanks to the excellent agenda iStudiez Pro. This paid application (2.39) is universal and will allow you to encode your course schedules, exams, your various assignments. Thanks to iStudiez Pro, you will know at all times the work that you still have to accomplish, the courses that you have left before the end of your day, etc. In short, this excellent utility is the essential companion for any good student! In addition, you can synchronize your calendar with your Mac using the application iStudiez Pro (7.99) available on the Mac App Store.


Do you need to carry files with you without having to burden yourself with a complicated interface or with overly sophisticated content management? The application Dropbox (available for free) is designed to meet your needs. This allows you to carry the files you always need and automatically synchronizes your files between your computer and your iPhone.


Need to take a look at the spelling of a word? There are several rputs dictionaries on the App Store. To name a few, you will find the Larousse French Dictionary (4.99) Bordas (2.39) HachetteIllustr (3.99) Le Robert Dictionary (Dixel) (3.99)

Do you practice languages? No problem! Many dictionaries will help you with your translations. Find a large selection of dictionaries Collins for a price varying between 15.99 and 23.99 depending on the model.

Need to refresh your memory? The different applications Babbel (2.39) are developed in order to practice your languages.

Mathematics and Finance

The calculator originally supplied with the iPhone is not complete enough for your studies? There are many alternatives on the App Store such as Calcbot (1.59).

For finance, find the Hewlett Packard financial calculators HP 12C (11.99) HP 12C Platinum (15.99) or scientific models HP 15C (23.99)


The application Visible Body (only for iPad 2 and in English: 23.99) makes you discover the human anatomy in 3D.

Scan a document

Need to quickly take note of a schedule, result, etc., use the integrated camera with your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch to scan these documents, then use character recognition (OCR) and then export these documents to a ditable file.

DocScanner (3.99) perfectly fulfills all these features as well as Prizmo (7.99).


Stay in touch with your old friends as well as your new friends! Thanks to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and the various social networks, you will never lose contact with your loved ones. No need to introduce you to the essential applications that are Facebook, Twitter (free), Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, etc. (all available for free). For an excellent Twitter client, the editorial team of Belgium iPhone strongly recommends the application Tweetbot (2.39)

Don't want to use multiple apps for all of your accounts? No problem, there are applications containing most of the existing services such as Trillian (free), eBuddy Messenger (free), BeejiveIM (7.99)

Know however that you can save on your minutes and your SMS thanks Skype or even thanks Viber, this free application which allows you to call a user who installed this application on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch for free and send them free SMS via this means.

Remember that your iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4th generation and iPad 2 come with a front camera as well as free FaceTime software that lets you make video calls.


Want to follow the news of your favorite sites during a short break or a midday time? Many RSS feed readers are available on the App Store. Among the countless applications of this type, Belgium iPhone has selected for you NetNewsWire (free or in paid version without advertising: 3.99) and Pulse News Mini (free application)


Each iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is supplied, in iOS 4, with an electronic book reader named iBooks. The Belgian book library is very poor, but you can nonetheless take advantage of the copyright-free works listed by the Gutemberg project.

The same goes for the free app Kindle Amazon.

There is also nothing to prevent you from creating your own e-book from your course notes, for example, so that you can re-read them quietly on the train or on the bus. There are many tools, including those provided by Apple in its iWork suite.

transport network

To go to your lessons, there are certainly many of you taking the train, bus or bicycle. Several transport companies have their own free iPhone application such as the SNCB or the STIB. Both allow you to consult timetables in real time, find the nearest station and consult a transport route. The free app AllBikesNow lists all self-service bikes operated by JCDecaux. If you live in Brussels and prefer to use the bike, this application is your ideal companion to find the nearest station.

Unfortunately, the TEC and De Lijn bus transport services do not have a dedicated app on the App Store (and their mobile site is not very suitable for browsing on an iPhone).


What would student life be like without going out? Go have a drink with friends or go to the cinema? Nothing easier with the official app Kinepolis (free) which allows you to consult the times and the list of available films. The free app Jupiler Bartender allows you to take orders from all your friends so you don't forget anything when the server arrives.

You are ready for a good return with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

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