OuftiMac'Day October 9, 2011 Lige

OuftiMac'Day October 9, 2011 Lige

The OuftiMac club invites you to their open day, the OuftiMac’Day, on Sunday October 9, 2011 from 10h 15h to Chteau de Sclessin.

This day will be an opportunity for OuftiMac members to offer various activities and demonstrations of apple products as well as numerous software. A play area will be available for those who wish to play on a network. The A.R. Drone will also be entitled to several demonstrations during this day.

A small historic exhibition on apple products will also be offered to visitors to discover the evolution of Macs.

A question or a problem? Members of the OuftiMac’Day club will be on hand to help you and answer your questions.

A few second-hand dealers will also be present at this event, an opportunity to find a good deal. Without forgetting a raffle and snacks, the OuftiMac club wishes to make this day an exceptional meeting in the province of Lige, all the more that entry is free!

Only one address: Le Chteau de Sclessin, rue de Berloz, 4000 Lige.

Find more information on the dedicated pageOuftiMac'Day on the club website.

Will many of you answer present?

We discuss it on the forum.

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