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Orion: Bethesda is streaming Doom 2016 on… iPhone

On the occasion of E3 2019, the famous international video game show, the publisher Bethesda, known to be behind The Elder Scrolls, Rage or Fallout, wanted to reveal a little more about his streaming project called Orion. The creator of Skyrim has indeed developed a technology used to optimize the streaming of video games.

With Orion, Bethesda intends to establish itself in the world of streaming, in particular by very significantly reducing the bandwidth necessary for its operation, by reducing latency, and thus reducing the workload of the servers. Developed by the team in charge of Doom 2016, Orion was entitled, during the Bethesda conference, to a small presentation. And what better way to unveil it than a demo of this same Doom … on the iPhone! It was shooting impressively at over 50 frames per second.

As a reminder, Doom was released on PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch and PC three years ago. Without Orion, the bandwidth was 27 to 22 MB per second. With Orion, bandwidth has increased to 20 – 23 MB per second. Suffice to say that the contribution is important. Increasingly competitive, the video game streaming sector, with the arrival of Microsoft and Google (Stadia), will undoubtedly explode in the coming years. With tools such as Orion, technology may be more than attractive…